Ensure your sensitive data is well protected.

As you surely know, every day the cyberthreat landscape becomes more sophisticated and dangerous, putting your company’s data at ever-greater risk. Thankfully, we have just the answer.

✚ Backup as a Service

✚ Disaster recovery as a service

✚ Continuous data protection

Find new ways to protect your data.

Secure, compliant and accessible BaaS.

BaaS is a subscription-based approach to backing up your business’s data and involves purchasing online backup, storage, and recovery services. BaaS connects your systems to public, private, or hybrid clouds managed by a data backup provider instead of performing backups with your own IT team.

Safeguard your mission-critical applications with DRaaS.

No business should start its operations without having a failsafe strategy to continue operations even during disasters. DRaaS proves effective here as it allows businesses to back up their data and IT infrastructure in a separate cloud computing environment, hosted on multiple datacenters with auto data replication, monitoring, and copying across those locations.

The future of backup and recovery is continuous.

Gone are the days of periodic backups and hours of data loss. Continuous data protection offers an unmatched level of security and a continuous stream of recovery checkpoints to which you can rewind anything from files to entire datacenters.

Patch holes in your document & data security strategy

Safeguard information

Sensitive information is never supposed to leak. Data security keeps all this information exactly where it’s meant to be.

Save costs

The earlier you plug security features into your application, the less costs you’ll incur from future support and development costs.

Protect your reputation

Businesses that can keep secrets build confidence among all stakeholders, including customers, who know that their data is secure.

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