Data Backup Services

It's time to rethink backup.

Seamless, efficient and secure backup.

Whether you are installing a primary backup solution or complementing an existing one with an additional target or repository, our backup solution provides a remote, secure, cloud-based storage destination for existing server infrastructures.

SEAMLESS: Use your cloud repository like a local backup utilizing any backup strategy  you deploy. Simply open the backup console and make your cloud repository a target for any backup copy job. No additional download or licensing is required.

EFFICIENT: With available WAN Acceleration, it leverages forever-incremental backups, in cloud synthetic fulls and more to minimize data transfer while maximizing restore points. Get your backups off-site quickly and easily without adding bandwidth.

SECURE: Rest easy by encrypting your backup at source, inflight and at rest, without  negatively impacting data transfer to the cloud. This ensures that your data is as safe and confidential as it would be in your own dedicated off-site repository.

A solution for your business needs.

When choosing a backup solution, it’s critical to understand the differences in the data recovery and replication options available to you.


A snapshot is a point-in-time “picture” of the state of a virtual machine’s disk(s). Individual files cannot be retrieved from a snapshot.


Replication is the practice of copying data from one location to another to maintain a mirrored version of the machine on separate media.


A backup is a full copy of the virtual machine’s data and applications, taken while the VM is in a prepared state and usually saved separately.

The 3-2-1 Rule for Backup & Replication

To prevent data loss in any scenario, you should have:


Three copies of your data: one production copy and two backups


Two different forms of storage media (ex: tape, NAS or offsite)


One backup located offsite

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